Marketing for Good

Contributing to the world and delivering service is an integral part of the purpose of life and the purpose of business. Service delivers happiness and also delivers success.  At Prana, we are fully supportive of our clients’ goals to deliver work which moves the world forward, whether it be bringing forth more environmentally friendly solutions to packaging or communication,  branding with a sustainability focus, social media and digital communication solutions which drive earth friendly initiatives,  reducing carbon emissions, going vegan or just plain taking a step forward and doing business with less waste and more love and more kindness. 

And we put our money where our mouth is. 

For NGOs, we are happy to offer a 10% discount on all our prices. 

We love being a company that’s committed to business for good and environmental consciousness.

Prana means life force. Prana exists to provide high performance  solutions to our partners, friends and clients. 

We grow businesses, solve problems and build brands using research, experience, knowledge and intuition. We value the earth and all she provides and strive to add value to the businesses we serve while driving awareness of the environment, and initiating win-win solutions.

We are strongly focused on providing meaningful, creative and flexible work to mothers who may choose to work part time, from home or in a way that supports their family.

Marketing for good

A 10 year old Prana philosophy to do business while doing good

Need to outsource your entire marketing function?

At Prana, we design your strategy and manage the full roll out, from market research and lead generation to listings and in store brand activation.

“Marketing is everything. Everything is marketing” – MacDonalds