Email marketing has become a booming business solution for company’s strategic approach to direct marketing. We can now see the transition in traditional marketing through interactions in email, social media and analytical integrations. Email marketing has become the forefront of building effective customer relationships aligned with CRM practices.

Generating leads

Obtaining leads from your website and social media sites asking visitors to subscribe to your newsletters builds the platform for a potentially successful campaign. The more relevant contacts you have the better. Directing the right message to the right person can make the difference, when it comes to closing the deal. It is important to send out targeted messages to relevant groups of people to avoid unread emails and spam reports.

Starting an email campaign

Consumers are in control, and businesses need to step up their game accordingly. Email marketing has been around for a while with many bulk email services out there. Choosing your email service carefully is vital, primarily to choose a vender that can deliver and provide a range of email capabilities. Cloud email marketing solutions have become popular to manage campaigns efficiently. Intelligent marketing automation platform is what will make your email more engaging and ultimately successful.


The power of automation

Emails that are based on the understanding of each subscriber’s interest and behavior, is a start for a successful campaign. Conversational emails which are more personal can be automatically addressed by name, thus a relationship-oriented mindset is created with the consumer over time.  Intelligent marketing automation allows behaviorally targeted emails to be sent, by triggers, group automation, and automatic subscriptions. Carefully coordinated emails are then consistent and progressive that can be measured to assess their effectiveness. This means for businesses, that a marketing automation system is able to streamline marketing tasks and workflows for increased operational efficiency and grow revenue quickly.


Use metrics to grow

Data analyzing of bulk email sending, reports click through rates and opened email rates which are both relevant data that can be used to plan your next step.  You can identify issues with unsubscribing emails and look for trending subscribes. Thus growing your data base, keep your subscribers on board, and segmenting your lists.


Email marketing revolution

Email marketing is now a cross-channel, customer focused, automated and analytical tool. Informative and valuable content can be shared by optimizing and distributing it across digital channels using email, mobile, social display and advertising. This is an inbound marketing approach which uses available resources to communicate, attract, expand and engage visitors converting them to prospective buyers.


Effective email marketing

  • An effective email provides awareness and interesting information, such as important articles, product information and whitepapers adding value to your campaign.
  • Send value added messages
  • Call to action driving targeted traffic to your website.
  • Reach prospecting clients.
  • Gain the trust of existing clients through communicating with them.
  • Reach a wider audience by implementing social marketing applications and let your audience spread your message.
  • Measure client’s metrics from the email campaign to measure overall success or failure.

Email marketing is an effective way of communicating your brand to the consumer and promoting your business to new leads. It allows free flowing communications between you and your customers. By achieving your campaign objectives, your email should build customer relations, retain and communicate with existing clients; turn leads into customers and consequently increases your business sales.




 Written by Fatima Karrim.  Fatima has worked in the Marketing Communications industry for the past 8 years.  She has completed her degree in Corporate Communications at the University of Johannesburg.  Being dedicated to Internet Marketing, Fatima has build an understanding of customer relations, by making use of essential tools.  She specialises in Information Management by approaching it through online and email marketing.  Fatima has had the opportunity to assist start-ups and established businesses with brand identity, concepts, design as well as developing online strategies for marketing communications.