We are master connectors

Connecting your business to the client

Connecting your brand to the consumer

Need to outsource your entire marketing function?

At Prana, we design your strategy and manage the full roll out, from market research and lead generation to listings and in store brand activation.

“Marketing is everything. Everything is marketing” – MacDonalds

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy defines your business’s vision and long term goals and focuses marketing activity to deliver these goals.  Marketing strategy creates the communication platform to help drive purchase by meeting a customer’s unique need. Integrating strategic, tactical and operational aspects of marketing drives long term success, through sales and profit.


Customer relationship management (CRM) delivers the step by step guideline to fostering partnerships with key stakeholders and customers.  The focus is on delivering a solution or products which is win-win for the relevant parties.  Customer relationship management is long term in nature, and needs to be managed by a trained practioner who understands that business is always personal.

Brand Building

Whether it’s a corporate, product, company or personal brand you are building, we will define your objectives, and create a concept tailor made for your audience.  We help you create a lasting impression and long term loyalty and repeat business.

Digital Marketing

With a growing internet audience year on year, presence in digital media is critical for marketing success.  Prana can develop and manage a full spectrum digital solutions, including web design, copy writing, social media, content management and app development.

We will grow your business
with measurable tangible results

At Prana Business Consulting, the focus is to grow your business. Whether you are a large corporate looking to implement a solution, based on an idea, or if you are small organization requiring Marketing and Customer Relationship Management skills, Prana has the know-how.  Solutions are tailored based on your industry, your customer base and your vision. Bringing life to an idea and transforming the idea into action is our unique offering.

Our philosophy is to provide high performance service to our customers, while providing tangible benefits to you bottom line.

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