Personalization in customer service is about keeping customers happy and satisfied in its association with the company. Without customers there is no business – they can either make or ruin a business and hence to take good customer relationships to great, personalization in customer service must remain a consistent effort. Personalization in customer service is the route to establishing trust and confidence with customers, which in turn leads to repeat business, loyalty, and brand advocacy from them.

“The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.” ~ John Russell

Personalization in customer service leads customers to feel more connected and engaged with a company. Traditionally, personalization had been associated with email marketing and CRM (customer relationship management), where marketers messaged to customers what they thought they wanted. However, now strategies are changing as consumers tell us what they want — and how, where and when they want it. This applies to every form of marketing (search, social, content, email, display, digital).

These feelings ensure reduced opportunities for strife and customer churn – customers would feel proud to be associated with a company and would do their bit to let others know of their happy experiences. Positive word of mouth would attract other potential customers to explore business relations with a company – this is a more potent form of advertising than any other method. Through personalization in customer service, companies gain a better and more in-depth understanding of their current and potential customer base.


Below are some statistics to highlight this point and the importance of personalization:


  • By 2018 (here and now) over 50 % of companies will redirect investments towards customer experience innovations. Source: Gartner
  • 81 % of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to approach them. Source: Accenture
  • 60% of marketers struggle to personalize content in real time, yet 77 % believe real-time personalization is crucial. Source: Adobe
  • Over 55% of marketers use a combination of data insights and customer feedback to make decisions on how to personalize content. Source: BrightEdge (Disclosure: BrightEdge is my employer)
  • 94% of marketers are focusing on their data and analytics capabilities, personalization technologies and customer profile data management capabilities to deliver personalized customer experiences. Source: Forrester (commissioned by Janrain)


So how do you personalize your marketing efforts?

Provide Relevant Content


To start, you need to define personalization properly. Don’t stop with merely addressing the reader by their first name in the email you send. Effective personalization occurs when you can make a content piece more helpful to a specific customer or prospect. You can do this by creating prospect- and customer-specific content collections, topic pages, and news feeds. Consumers won’t get fooled when you address them by their first name in your email as they know you haven’t typed the message personally. Therefore, personalization is not about using fancy automation software, it means offering relevant content.


Make the Customer Feel Special


In today’s high-tech world, high-touch is missing in most customer engagements. Consumers are greeted by an impersonal phone agent when they call for support. They are just an account number, or username and password to most businesses. Therefore, personalize your marketing as well as customer support efforts to make your customers feel special. Don’t treat them as just one among the crowd, but recognize their unique needs and wants. Consumers get turned off by mass marketing as they are constantly bombarded by ads everywhere. To stand out, personalize your messages to look more credible and get their attention.

To achieve this, businesses can hire social media experts who can connect with their audience on social networks. This type of personal engagement can make your brand look more authentic. Cater to the individual requirements of each of your customers to make them understand their voice is being heard and attended to.


Use Responsive Design


Make use of the best technology and software solutions to personalize your marketing. With their assistance, you can create amazing and relevant content for each consumer. Now, you don’t have to spend time on individual campaigns. Instead, you can create a single landing page, email, and campaign that show up differently based on the prospect or customer who receives them.

In short, personalization means convenience. Customize your email and page for the consumer to make them feel your company is making the effort to know them personally.

Personalization Fetches Better Results


Personalize your emails to boost your open rates and click-through rates significantly. The internet is influencing consumer behaviour and buying trends, and personalized marketing is the key to boosting your online store’s sales. Personalization stats show that 75% of customers prefer buying from a seller that knows their name and purchase history, and recommends products based on their previous purchases. All these findings indicate that undoubtedly personalization is the key to gaining loyal customers and boosting revenue.


Futuristic Trends


Business intelligence and personalization technology are revolutionizing marketing. Now, you can use offline touches to make personalization more relevant and effective. Savvy marketers are utilizing predictive analysis as well as buying signals at the account level to inform their sales agents that a prospect needs a product even before the person himself realizes it. To gain greater market share, your company needs to successfully leverage these technologies and software solutions as well as pertinent buying signals.

The future of marketing is going to become more personal. Soon, consumers would not even need to look for their favourite products as marketers will make these items accessible to them beforehand.


Personalization is a major factor in modern-day business to having the customer come back for repeat purchases. With a little bit of customer data and knowledge of your customer persona, you can have a real-time customization of their buying journey.






Written by Prisha Debipersad, Prisha has a love for travel and has lived in Germany and Australia, gaining work and life experience along the way. Being proudly South African she is happy to be back on her home ground. She currently is completing her masters degree as well as providing valuable support to Prana as a Marketing Assistant. .