Instagram is one of the best platforms to be on for any business or brand . Its hip, trendy, visually appealing and gains a wider audience than just your select target audience like facebook.  I for one LOVE this social media platform.

People remember 80% of what they see, 20% of what they read, and only 10% of what they hear, according to an infographic by Instagram service provider Gramlike.

This may be the reason Instagram is a popular social media platform, and not just for consumers but for brands as well.

Whether or not you use Instagram for marketing, you need to read this article about how Instagram compares to other social platforms when it comes to marketing and how it could help your brand gain more traction. I hope this will be the post will convince you to get your brand out there on Instagram. Here are some tips to help you achieve a fantastic Instagram account:

Young minds and passionate user base:

Instagram’s user base is famously young (53% of Instagram users are younger than 29), and it plays a large part in their life. People will be checking Instagram multiple times throughout the day, and therefore you have multiple chances to be seen.

Instagram’s user experience is top-notch.

Instagram became successful and popular quickly because of its simplicity. Easy Images, without the clutter. Now more than ever, business owners are starting to take notice, but it’s not too late to get in on the action.

Most engaged audience:

Instagram’s audience is extremely and highly active, with most users visiting the platform, uploading content and interacting with posts in their feeds:

  • You can use up to 30 hashtags per post.
  • Post a few in the original post. Add more in the comments.
  • Use Evernote to save groups of hashtags by topic to use across your devices. Be consistent with your hashtags. Choose your own to help people find you.
  • It’s worth the time to build your hashtag strategy. It saves time and helps with consistency.
  • Create separate accounts if you have more than one niche. Sue has six accounts to cover her different business focuses. She’s increasing her business because customers of her store and clients for her social media consulting find her with hashtags.
  • Stop the random acts of hashtagging! Be focused and targeted in your niche.
  • Refresh your Instagram posts by changing your hashtag groups in the comments.
  • Create hashtags that build a hub for your content. I think this is important for creating your brand on Instagram.


Build a Post Strategy

  • Use a repost app to share other people’s posts.
  • I use Photo Repost. Its easy and fast!
  • Create fun videos with Flipgram
  • Add quote graphics that you can create on your phone or desktop. Wordsawg and Textgram are two great options.

Plan your Feed

I use hootsuit or  Preview app to plan my feed.

I import the photos I want to post and I play around with the order of them and plan at least a few posts ahead so that I know how pictures will look next to each other. I prefer images with negative space next to a busy photo and photos of myself spaced out so these two apps help with planning the overall visual feel of my feed.

This also helps to make sure that when two photos are next two each other, the colors match OR contrast. if a cool tone photos is next to a warmer photo, you can edit one of them to look cohesive next two each other.

Tip: not everyone will tell you this but I am going to share the best kept secret by volggers, warmer tones and filters get more likes and engagement than cooler tones. So filters like Lark, Hefe and Mayfair get more likes and reposts than any other filter.


Find Inspiration

What kind of photos do you like to take? What kind of photos do you like to see? There are so many types of feeds out there from minimal, colorful and bright or desaturated /muted. Look at what inspires you to like a picture and what you love to look at and the build your feed from there. My personal favorite are pics with a pop of color, so on my feed I try and add as much color as I can.

Be Finicky

Don’t just post any image for the sake of posting. If its grainy, blurry or not looking 100% to match your vision on your feed, refrain from posting it. My photos that aren’t up to par, I post them on Facebook or Twitter and also gives my followers some unique content to see that they wouldn’t find on other social media feed. This will help your feed look clean and show your quality.


Have fun!

This is probably my most important tip and piece of advice.  You need to have fun with your account in order for it to be successful.  Like I said before I LOVE instagram, I enjoy going on to Instagram every day and posting pics.  If I didn’t love it, I probably wouldn’t have kept up with the account as long as I have.  I simply love nature and food, so I love sharing pictures of this with other people and view what other people post.  So if you really love your brand and business, you can have fun with it too and can end up having a successful Instagram account for your brand!




Written by Prisha Debipersad, Prisha has a love for travel and has lived in Germany and Australia, gaining work and life experience along the way. Being proudly South African she is happy to be back on her home ground. She currently is completing her masters degree as well as providing valuable support to Prana as a Marketing Assistant. .