All you need to know about digital marketing trends in 2016

All you need to know about digital marketing trends in 2016

The pace of digital marketing never seems to let up and 2016 is not going to be any different. Most businesses have adapted well to include digital marketing and social media into their strategies, but if you are wondering what to do next to stay ahead of the curve, look no further. Here are some of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2016:

Geo-specific marketing is going to get even more… well, specific

Google ad words and advertising on social media platforms has already changed the way that we target potential customers through paid advertising. As if you couldn’t get any more specific than gender, location and business, 2016 is likely to see an increased effort to narrow this targeting even more. 

Mobile is likely to continue to trump desktop interaction

Largely because Google’s search engine rankings include a site’s mobile-friendliness, this platform is likely to continue trump desktop interaction. There are on average as many active cellphones in South Africa as the population; which is currently more than 50 million. That’s 50 million ways to reach people, so getting this platform right is a must for your business in 2016.

How can we assist you…virtually speaking

Virtual assistants and pop up assistance on websites are about to become your businesses new best friend. Interaction with your customers starts on your website so these platforms need to do more than just list what your business is about. Add a virtual assistant to your staff list for 2016 and your customers will feel like you care about them from the first click.

If you are not videoing, you are not moving

Video was big in 2015 but in 2016 it is going to be even bigger, if not the biggest way to communicate with your customers.  It’s also not just about making a generic video for Youtube anymore; it’s about optimising video to work effectively across all different social media platforms.  So embrace time in front of the camera or at the very least get your business video ready for 2016.

It’s not just about being digital anymore, it’s about how good your business is going to be at it in 2016. Check in here regularly to keep up with the latest trends and let us guide you through the digital marketing space in the year ahead.

 Written by Kelly Miller, Kelly’s PR and communications background stems from several years as a political staffer in the Democratic Alliance’s media and communications division. This comprised running several major media and social media campaigns, including for current DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane.  She has extensive knowledge of the media landscape in South Africa and believes in building personal relationships to get the job done.

2015 Trends in Digital Business in South Africa

2015 Trends in Digital Business in South Africa

Digital applications have become limitless, with so many opportunities to engage in interactions, networking, advertising and customer relations for businesses. South African businesses have been seizing online opportunities and increasing their exposure via the World Wide Web using various interactive tools. These are some digital trends in South African markets today.


Mobile centric consumer target

This is a case of apps gone wild, with smart phones being the most commonly used device, in everything from social media, to online shopping, website applications and more. It seems like South African’s have landed in the app age. Pure convenience is what drives our consumer targets to access relevant information and services through their mobile phones. However, app development for businesses are still developing in SA, some major businesses in consumer markets have successfully developed their online presence through apps, for the public’s ease of services. On a lighter side, other companies are upgrading their websites to clean responsive mobile designs, as mobile properties have become important for online presence.


Visual content for social media

Staying on mobile consumer targets a bit, social media for businesses brings good news for exposure when your companies stories at your audience fingertips. Social media networks have become a blogging platform and businesses would attract more attention. Facebook is the largest used social medium with millions of businesses on Facebook. According to recent research by –WorldWideWorx, 8.8 million people access Facebook on their mobile phones. Businesses targeting Facebook for marketing purposes have become popular and are also active with twitter, Instagram, linked-in, Pinterest, Goolgle + and other networks sharing corporate publications and social feeds.


Content marketing

A standard strategy of digital marketing involves driving traffic to your website. Corporate blogs reach high conversions when publishing involves more platforms. A leading trend surrounding marketers is to deliver dynamic content to the relevant target audience by inviting them to your website where fresh content available. Content marketing could possibly be the future for strategic marketing and brand building.


Internet advertising

With google and other search engines constantly evolving, online advertising campaigns is the most relevant resource to encourage company online conversions to sales. Businesses are adapting to strategic marketing through online advertising campaigns, such as Google Ads, social media sponsored advertising and get listed on well-known listing sites. The web has become a place for a complete business directory and brings great opportunities for targeting, segmentation and tracking an audience.


The digital environment

The digital environment in today’s market is all about going mobile, achieving high conversions rates, targeting high income markets and building customer relations.  With technology in your pocket, it’s easy to keep track of the digital world. What’s next for SA businesses, and what more can we expect from the internet that will increase revenue and enhance businesses brand experience? It’s important be one step ahead, and be prepared by building a comprehensive digital strategy for the future.  



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 Written by Fatima Karrim.  Fatima has worked in the Marketing Communications industry for the past 8 years.  She has completed her degree in Corporate Communications at the University of Johannesburg.  Being dedicated to Internet Marketing, Fatima has build an understanding of customer relations, by making use of essential tools.  She specialises in Information Management by approaching it through online and email marketing.  Fatima has had the opportunity to assist start-ups and established businesses with brand identity, concepts, design as well as developing online strategies for marketing communications.