Building a business is part of something great. Having a business name, mission and vision is not nearly enough to get the ball rolling. Reaching the maximum business potential is what companies focus on. You need something that your customers can hold on to, delivering your brand promise. A brand that people can identify with is just as important as a company providing a service. The definition of branding is “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products”– Entrepreneur.  Effective branding is what sets your company aside from the competition. So how do we achieve effective branding and communications in the new era?

A company’s image, brand message, customer service and communications, builds the foundation for the credibility of the business. In a digital age, with many marketing products out there, competition is on the rise. For this reason, strategically positioning your brand in line with your products and services that can speak to the consumer at a human level is vast becoming a trend. This means if you’re trying to communicate with key consumer targets through digital platforms, try to appeal to them by making their consumer experience almost personal.

While traditional branding is more focused customer retention, communicating with a wider audience through mass communications can turn out to be more profitable.

Best practices for branding and communications

  • Create a brand strategy for communicating and delivering your brand messages.
  • Be creative with attractive designs identifying your business using catchy phrases.
  • Create a compelling brand story by giving something useful to your customers.
  • Build around outreach programs, giving something to the community or providing an affordable service that is of high quality.
  • Create a buzz around an extreme offer that will drive traffic to your brand.
  • Expose your business using social media platforms.
  • Be consistent in your messages.
  • Show brand integrity and what your brand represents.

The idea behind brand building is for all business elements to integrate with your corporate identity. As a result of effective communications – through various mediums such as your business website, email signatures, email marketing, social media, print and advertising, packaging and promotional materials –your business uniforms and brings about a consistency.  With growing competition comes a growing need for businesses to upskill their creativity, user designs and communication integrations for a complete modern age brand initiative. Now is the time – to take the time – to get to know your customer, have a conversation with them and make it a personal brand experience to achieve success.  


 Written by Jainita Khatri. She is the founder of Prana Business Consulting.  She has 15 years of practical experience in marketing for blue chip organisations and has consulted extensively with entrepreneurial and medium sized businesses.  Jainta’s passion lies in digital marketing – helping businesses to build their brands and businesses.  Jainita is a speaker at conferences and guest lectures Monash University and UJ on vaiorus marketing related topics.