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10 steps to rejuvenate the mind and body

Creativity and innovation are essential to success in business and marketing today.  But creativity can never be an endless flow of ideas and outputs.  We get tired.  We need time to recharge.  We need to switch off.  And in doing that, counter-intuitively, the... read more

Prana Brand and Logo Handbook 2017

A brand is a promise into which consumers buy. A brand is an ideal, a unique message that is wrapped around a product and service. It conjures up feelings and emotions in it’s users which  if built well, can enhance the purchase experience.A brand stands for something... read more

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

Well that’s just wonderful – in South Africa we need entrepreneurs – people willing, able and capable of taking a risk to create something new, create their own work, and in doing so, create employment.  With unemployment sitting at roughly 60% in 2017, and a... read more

Instagram Tools for Best Business Practice

Instagram is one of the best platforms to be on for any business or brand . Its hip, trendy, visually appealing and gains a wider audience than just your select target audience like facebook.  I for one LOVE this social media platform. People remember 80% of what they... read more

Phygital: The New Retail Marketing Playground

Physical merged with digital, that’s where the term phygital comes from. It’s a marketing and retail description, but you’ll find a world of phygital art out there too.  Omni-channel marketers should be excited about the phygital dimension. It’s a hybrid playground,... read more


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