Shopper marketing has in the last decade increased it influence in the path to purchase, which is the journey a person makes from awareness to purchase of the product. Part of the reason for this movement is that there are so many different ways to grab attention and brand owners are pursuing a faster conversion rate that leads to increased sales.

Here are 4 ways shopper marketing can impact your brand:

  1. Media within the store environment can resonate the brand message on broad reach media (like TV and Radio) causing recall for shoppers while in an engaged shopping mode. This encourages a decision to try the product, a reminder to purchase the product or increases awareness of the brand which could later translate to one of the first 2 options.

2. Multi-sensory displays are smaller units that are typically positioned on shelf and allow for an actual display of the product for consumers to trial. This works especially well with products that allow for interaction. E.g.) Air freshener could be a display with the actual fragrance in a bottle. If shoppers don’t notice the bottle, they will notice the fragrance. Appealing to an alternate sense provides a pleasant point of interruption in store and an opportunity to generate trial.

3. Additional display stands are very popular with seasonal brands and new launches. This media type provides additional shelving and mobility as it can be positioned in a complementary or supplementary category. Big brands also tend to drive multiple displays per store directly increasing sales and implying strong share of the brand.

4. Discount coupons allow for brand communication on the dispensing unit however, the redemption rate is dependent on the value of the coupon offered and the category. Redemption rate is high when the value of the discount offered is higher than the usual promotional price point in a category with low loyalty.

Shopper marketing campaigns are crafted with a smart combination of the above tools as the message reaches the same shopper more than once and therefore has a stronger impact. Communication from the brand needs to happen consistently to build on brand measures progressively. Shopper marketing is valued because of its ability to positively impact the brand in a short time frame.

 Written by Emiryl Paul, she is a trade marketing specialist.  She has worked in the FMCG industry for 12 years and has built capabilities with cross functional roles.  She has worked on market leading brands and medium sized brands.  Emiryl has an interest in entrepreneurship having assisted start up companies, within local and Africa markets.