Prana is a management consulting firm

Providing strategic guidance and project management services across
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Our philosophy is to provide high performance service to
our customers, providing tangible benefits to
your bottom line.


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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy defines your business’s vision and long term goals and focuses marketing activity to deliver these goals.

Project Management

Project based strategy of all focus areas to produce quality and an effortless outcome to  reach your business target. 

Management Consulting

Guidance and project management services across your business.


Customer relationship management (CRM) delivers the step by step guideline to fostering partnerships with key stakeholders and customers.

Digital Marketing

With a growing internet audience year on year, presence in digital media is critical for marketing success.

Brand Building

Whether it’s a corporate, product, company or personal brand you are building, we will define your objectives, and create a concept tailor made for your audience.

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Marketing Customer Relationship Skills

Machine learning and marketing automation – What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves.

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Integrating marketing activities into the customer lifecycle

Lifecycle marketing is the process of providing your audience the kinds communications and experiences they need, want, or like as they move from prospects to customers then, ideally, to advocates. Generally, a lifecycle marketing plan is a three-phase framework, Attract, Sell, and Wow.

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The importance of personalization

Personalization in customer service is about keeping customers happy and satisfied in its association with the company. Without customers there is no business – they can either make or ruin a business and hence to take good customer relationships to great, personalization in customer service must remain a consistent effort.

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Our Guiding Principles


We are driven by passion for excellence in all that we do.  We strive to continually improve and grow.


Our purpose is to deliver excellence in service and execution to our clients and partners.  The focus is equally on a quality process and measurable results.


Our promise and commitment is to grow our business and our partners’ and clients’ businesses to the highest extend possible and to serve our Earth well in the process.


We work on the principles of integrity, honesty, trust and open communication. “We say what we mean and we mean what we say.”


We work with a mindset of cost-minimization, and sale maximization.  Growing profit is key.


People are key in what we do.  We strive to build shared goals with employees, associated partners and clients creating win-win opportunities and solutions.

Our Green Sustainability Message

Prana means life force. Prana exists to provide high performance marketing solutions to our partners, friends and clients. We build brands and grow sales using research, experience, knowledge and intuition. We value the earth and all she provides and strive to add value to the businesses we serve while driving awareness of the environment, and initiating win-win solutions We are strongly focused on providing meaningful, creative and flexible work to mothers who may choose to work part time, from home or in a way that supports their family.

We are a Level 1 Certified BBBEE company

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What our clients say about us

There are many reasons why I would recommend Prana but here are a few that stand out. They were able to design the most outstanding logo and website based on my reflections of what my company is about. The colour, tone and feel are perfect and there is also room to grow with the business. The team produced the material in a timely fashion and couldn’t have been more methodological or professional.

Linda Zuze

Chimango Research

Prana shows pride in the quality of work they deliver as well as honesty and integrity. Prana prides them, to give the best service at all times and is equally professional, qualified, and experienced in the market place.

Regardless of deadlines or other pressure, Prana always delivers to expectation and a little bit more.

Ilza Brits

Director, Onshelf Pharma

Thank you to Jainita and her team for assisting Baby Sense on our social media journey.

Your input and resourcefulness, your always friendly tone, and helpful staff, has been a major plus to us.

Marisa Botha

Owner, Baby Sense

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Flush Health
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Chimango Research
Philips Avent
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Epizone Baby and Kids
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